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Disposable microporous coveralls xl

Disposable Microporous Protection Coveralls XL offer excellent liquid and particulate barrier protection and superior comfort, breathability, and durability at a lower cost than most other competitive options. Constructed of a microporous polyethylene film bonded to spun-bonded polypropylene, these white, non-woven work coveralls feature small pores that allow water vapor and perspiration to pass through, but keep large liquid droplets/sprays and dry particulates out. 
Protects against aerosol spray paints, oil, grease, lubricants, fertilizer, sewage, dust and dirt, pesticides, asbestos, and mold.
Polypropylene 100%
A specialized lamination process allows maximum breathability
Offers a high level of protection from varnish, resins, fiberglass, paints, and sanding dust
These highly chemical-resistant coveralls offer a 2-way zippered front, elastic wrists, ankles, and waist

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