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The role and function of primary medical microporous coverall

Disposable medical microporous coverall refers to protective clothing that can be discarded after one use. It is usually made of materials such as polypropylene and has functions such as waterproof, oil-proof, and liquid splash-proof. The functions and functions of primary medical protective clothing mainly include the following aspects:
1. Protect medical staff: Medical staff need to wear medical protective clothing once when contacting patients, handling patient secretions, performing operations, etc. to prevent infection with pathogens and protect the health and safety of medical staff.
2. Prevent cross-infection: There are various bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in medical institutions. The use of disposable medical protective clothing can effectively prevent cross-infection between medical staff or between medical staff and patients, and ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the medical environment.
3. Improve the quality of medical care: Disposable medical protective clothing can keep the medical environment clean, reduce the risk of patient infection, and improve the quality and efficiency of medical work.
4. Comply with health standards: Medical institutions need to comply with strict health standards. The use of disposable medical protective clothing can ensure that the medical environment complies with health regulations and protects the health and safety of patients and medical staff.
In general, primary medical protective clothing plays a very important role in the medical industry. It can not only protect medical staff from the risk of contracting pathogens, but also prevent cross-infection, improve medical quality, and ensure the hygiene and safety of the medical environment.

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